Saturday, September 15, 2012

just checking

Hug Wolf

Every hundred years, it spews evil spores across the land. Then lets burn its butt down to the roof rubbins. (The duo walks forward.) Finn, I can feel a bunch a eyeballs peepin us from the woods. Hhyuuugs!

What the?! Is this an extra butt?! Quick, Jake! Burn the tree! Huuuugs! (Finn grunts and they begin circling each other) Gonna cut you up, boy! Im gonna snuggle you to pieces!

Dude! The trees about to splode its evil juice all over!

  • I didnt hug you last night.
  • Yes, you did!
  • My love handles still hurt!
  • You came into my room around midnight and gave me a squeeze
  • a really strong one!

No! Jake, hurry! Is he crushin you, man?! No, hes just... hugging me gently! Oh...! When you see the wicker devil in tree afterlife, tell im Jake says, Hello.

Hey, buddy, you okay? Didnt even tell me its name. Wha? Oh, sweet! Hahaha!

Hot to the touch!

  1. Like last night!
  2. Yes. So you must be a beta hug wolf. A lower-level creature.
  3. Well, how can I get uncursed?
  4. Lemme, um... read the book a little more. Says there's no known cure.
  5. Uh... I'm scared, Jake...
  6. No hugs!!

Hmmmm... Dude, whyre you so huggy? I just feel affectionate, I guess. Hugging helps. Hmm... You got a fever, man. I feel hot. Finn, youre hurting me. I think you need a good nights sleep.

You feelin better today?

Yeah. I feel like a million clams. Good. Hey, you think we have enough candy litter? Litter for lunch! Mmm! Huh? Not again! Whats the matter, Cinnamon Bun? Please, Finn. If youre gonna hug me again, dont make it as hard as you hugged me last night.

CB says I hugged im.

Haha. Cinnamon Bun, you got some crazy notions. I tell ya. Oh, Cinnamon Bun. What a crazy story, buddy. Yeah, buddy, but you were pretty huggy last night... buddy. Wait. You dont think I actually snuck into Cinnamon Buns room and hugged him, do you? Im just sayin you were really clingy. But no. Why would I? And dont tell me its because I have repressed emotional feelings for Cinnamon Bun.