Saturday, September 15, 2012

checkin still

Too Young

Finn? Finn? Finn! Where are you? I need you to try this! Ill be there in a sec! Whats the status? Good, man! Nice! Seal the deal, bro! Okay, man! Whatevs! You can do it, you hear me?! Im playin BMO--call me later, bye! Hows Finns date? I think its goin good. Unlike your game, boiiiii!

  1. Thats bunk!
  2. Right, Preebos?
  3. No... He is rightful ruler under kingdom law.
  4. Its complicated.
  5. I created Lemongrab.

Wheres the key to the tower, BMO?! Tell me! AAAGH!

Okay, Finn.

Shes 13, youre 13. Just have fun! Be yourself. Wooooo! Whats that? Are you trying to make yourself 18 again? Nah. This is an instant bath serum. It makes you sweat cleaning agents. I dont bathe. I want that!


Hot, hot, oh WAAAAUGH! Oh... so spice! So spice! YOURE so spice! Bwaaa bwaaa bwaaaaaa! Announcing the arrival of the Earl of Lemongrab!

  • Heh hah hah
  • Oof!
  • Ha ha ha!

This castle is...

in... Unacceptable Conditiiiioooon! UNACCEPTABLLLEEE! Thirty days in the dungeon! For who? Everyone in this ROOM! MMMLLUUUUUGH!!!

Wait, wait! You cant give orders like that! Im in charge here, Lemongrab! TOO YOUNG! TOO YOUNG TO RULE THE KINGDOM! Watch your manners with the princess..! HHHHUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOH?! What the huh? MMMM! HAH! I am next in line to thee throne! Sooo... I will be in charge... UNTIL PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM turns... 18 again!